My focus and passion is to help people with their emotional, mental and physical well being so I will put up blogs that will help people to have a more positive outlook. From my own experiences I will be talking about all aspects of Mental Health (of which we have a lot of experience in our family tree), Dealing with Physical Disabilities and Coping with loss of a loved one (my brother who was a year older than me was taken in his prime by Motor Neurone Disease & Spinal Muscular Atrophy), Cancer (lost my father to Prostate Cancer, and numerous relatives and friends who have passed away or are currently dealing with various forms of Cancer), impact of Heart Disease and Asthma (of which my mother has both), traumatic times of IVF (from personal experience and relatives), Relationships-Marriage-Divorce (including mixed marriages), Friendships, Challenges of Cultural Integration, Indian Culture & Changing Times, Emotional Wellness & Positivity, amongst so many other topics that I have personal experience of (didn't realise I had so many!)
And topics that I don't have first hand experience of I will ask family and friends to share their experiences on my blog.

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