I am a happy, optimistic, down-to-earth people's person with no airs and graces. I do not want my website to be a business page because I do not want to sell my product to 'get rich' (ask anyone that knows me, I'm not materialistic -I had my last car for 17 years before it finally died on me 6 years ago! then I went and bought another one locally on Gumtree that I've still got now!).
I live in a flat ..I don't need a big house or a fancy car as long as the happiness with family and friends is there that's all I need!
And this is what I want to do ...to reach out to people to keep them happy and emotionally connected through these challenging times with my Hugsie and to also provide help and advice that will enable people to deal with emotional and physical challenges, so I am trying to create a website that is easily accessible (as not everyone has social media) that resonates with everyone.

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