-Clear transparent LDPE with 100% Recycled Polyethylene (PE) Plastic
-note PE is not PPE

For Adult Use Only
Not recommended for children
One Universal Size with waist tie-belt for adjustable fit and optional use


HOOD - Extra large versatile hood with hood tie that allows you to cover the face completely (not using the hood tie) yet also wear forward covering the hair (using the hood tie) when wearing as a rain coat, and on the shoulders when needed for its various multifunctional uses eg. Carers Coat, Outdoor Coat, Travelling Coat & Domestic Protective Coat

HOOD (When Covering Face)
-Leave as much space as possible inside the hood when wearing over the face to create a big bag
-Keep enough space directly in front of the face so that it is not directly touching the face
-Only wear it over the face immediately prior to hugging then away from the face immediately after hugging

Long versatile sleeves with an elasticated end that allows you to vary the end position where you would like the sleeve to end depending on your use:
-Washing -as a Carer, your pets, car etc you can pull the sleeves up to the elbows
-Domestic -as required for painting and dusty work
-Outdoors & Travelling -wear around the wrist
-Hugging & Rain - can extend sleeves to cover the hands, wear sleeves over hands when hugging alternatively use hand sanitiser immediately before hugging and then sleeves may be worn at wrists 

WAIST TIE - can be used to provide a better fit according to size. If the are not required they can be cut off without damaging the coat.

CLEAR & TRANSPARENT - HUGSIE has been designed such that it does not obscure or cover up your own clothes that you are wearing which allows you to still express yourself and also that you can see through it so that you can see the expressions of the people you care for when hugging them and wearing the hood in front of the face.
WATERPROOF - HUGSIE allows maximum protection as a RAINCOAT compared to other raincoats as you can wear the hood extended forwards to cover most of the face and also the long sleeves can be extended to cover your hands.
COMPACT - HUGSIE is compact and lightweight which makes it very convenient to carry around in your day to day bag for unexpected wether (great for autumn & winter) and indeed for when you bump into your friends so that you can give them a BIG HUGSIE HUG.
After Hugging, the best way to pack it tightly again is take it off inside out, fold it longways twice (with the sleeves and hood inside) then starting rolling from the hood end to expel the air as you roll. Then it's small enough to pop into your bag again.