"I’m a mother of 4 (2 at school, 1 at university and one at home) and I am really concerned about the wellbeing of my family, my husband who is a builder and we have elderly parents. I want to keep everyone safe but I still want to keep all our family close. We used the Hugsie and I think it’s an excellent idea. I even used it when I was helping my husband doing some painting. I would definitely recommend Hugsie for everyone. It’s such a great product"   - D. Gill, Hillingdon, UK -

"Hello I’m Monica and I’m a pharmacist from Hampshire. I have had bowel cancer, liver cancer and most recently breast cancer. I also have asthma and diabetes and had been shielding until recently .Once I started going out I was worried about sitting on public benches and restaurant chairs. I also have missed hugging my family and friends .I have purchased a Hugsie and have now been able to give my 77 year old mother who is also vulnerable a hug for the first time after seven months .I have also used the Hugsie to sit on public benches and feel perfectly safe when sitting on them. The Hugsie is a great product and I will be using it again and again it’s also very light compact and easy to carry around. A great product which has allowed me to hug family and friends".                                       - Monica D, Hampshire-

"My name is Perri and my dad is called John. He is in a lovely care home in Hove, but sadly I have not been able to hold his hand or give him a big hug for 7 months now.I have bought a Hugsie so that next time I visit him, I will be able to safely and securely cover my face and hands and give him a big squishy hug.I don't know who needs a hug more, him or me, but there is proof a 20 second hug releases happy hormones, something many of us have been missing recently. Big hugs ahead! "    - Perri B, Hove, UK -


"I cannot thank you enough! Today was the day that I finally got to hug my mum, she was overwhelmed and so grateful for your kindness! Thank you again, lots of love and hope to meet one day"
- Jade Kitson, Portslade, UK -


 “I recently had the wonderful experience, thanks to purchasing a “ Hugsie”, of getting to hug my adult children for the first time In eight months. I cannot recommend the “ Hugsie “ enough. It was a truly wonderful experience”    - Ivan . H, Hove, UK -

"Great service.  Ordered Sunday morning.  Arrived Tuesday morning.  First hug we have given my mum since early March. I had thought about keeping them as xmas gifts but when your mum is 79 and we've not been able to hug her since my 50th at the beginning of March, I couldn't wait two more months. I hadn't told my mum I had ordered them but had said "if only someone would make something like the shower curtains hugs". When I saw the FB add, I wasn't sure how genuine the article was, so I did a little research into you guys, away from FB and as soon as I realised you were legit, and the price was affordable, I ordered two. Mum's face was a picture when my son rang the doorbell, wearing the coat. Those two are normally inseparable. It was a beautiful sight to see them hug for what seemed like forever. I honestly can't thank you enough. there were happy tears x "
- Emma W, Carlisle, UK -
“I was given a Hugsie as a gift from a relative around the time of my younger brother's birthday. Being able to actually hug him was probably the highlight of our day This is a fantastic product that a lot of people could really benefit from at the moment.”
 - Dan H, Brighton, UK -
“I bought a hugsie for my husband as he’s not been able to hug his children in over 8 months - it was amazing to see them wrap their arms around each other and squeeze each other so tightly. There were lots of tears of love and happiness all around. It was priceless”    - B. K. Lalli, Slough, UK -
"Wow, amazing, I just hugged my daughter, my granddaughter & my grandson. It felt soooo good, as I've recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, had my op, only to be told I've got to have another op as my lymph nodes were cancerous. So to get a hug from my family was the Best Medicine I could of asked for. So A Very Big Hug, back to you guys, for coming up with this wonderful Huggie Coat xxxxx"
- Carol Macklin, UK -
"I loved mine! Thank you very much! Was able to hug my son for the first time in nearly a year and it was absolutely the best feeling ever!  I will definitely be ordering more! x "
- Christine Gibson, UK -
“Absolutely loved getting my hugsie, and being able to hug my family again after so long! It was amazing! And was emotional too, it brought us back together again"    - Chloe, Brighton, UK -

 “I got mine yesterday ready for mum's birthday next week can't wait thank you for this brilliant idea x “      -Elaine W, Manchester, UK -

"My daughter was able to hug her grandad at Christmas because of the Hugsie. (And my husband used one too) It was the first time they'd seen him since March and he was so moved by them doing this"    - Catherine Longson, UK -